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Superhero Chaise by shed eleven
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Superhero Chaise by shed eleven

This 1920’s chaise belonged to Jemma of shed eleven's grandparents. Growing up it was her mother's ‘naughty chair’, so when deciding to re-brand it she gave it a superhero theme to honour her mother.

The wooden body and the fabric of the chaise have been painted using a mix of Chalk Paint® in Graphite and French Linen. Jemma then used tape to create the skyline for Gotham City and the outlines of Batman, painting it with Graphite, a mix of Graphite and Napoleonic Blue, Arles and French Linen. For the more intricate details – specifically Batman’s face and the bat symbol - she used stencils.

The fabric and wood was finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax, with the wood also having a Dark Wax treatment. All the staging items bar the batman comic have been hand painted in colours that are reminiscent of the original vintage Batman comic book series.

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