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Overlapping Stencilled Chest
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Overlapping Stencilled Chest

This stencil comes free with The Colourist Issue 2, but can be created with any stencil design.

First paint your furniture in Chalk Paint® in Chicago Grey. Whilst it dries, cut out your free Bird and Leaf Stencils from The Colourist. Ensure the Chicago Grey is completely dry before taping the stencil into place with masking tape. Using a roller, apply Chalk Paint® in Tilton, Burgundy or Old White in a back and forth motion. When stencilling, less is more. Using too much Chalk Paint® will lead to bleed through. It’s best to apply a couple of thin coats rather than one thick one.

Repeat taping and painting the stencil until you’ve achieved a pattern you’re happy with. To create a shadow effect, tape the stencil so it’s slightly overlapping the first leaf, and apply a contrasting colour of Chalk Paint®. As always: once the piece is completely dry, apply a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax all over using a lint free cloth or Wax Chalk Paint® Brush.

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