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Ombre Walnut wardrobe by Patience & Gough

Ombre Walnut wardrobe by Patience & Gough

This modern yet romantic ombre has been achieved by furniture painter Ollie of Patience & Gough from Cumbria, UK using Chalk Paint® in Oxford Navy, Aubusson Blue, Provence and Chicago Grey. The graduated ombre from darkest blue of Oxford Navy, to Aubusson Blue, then Provence and finally a mix of Provence and Chicago Grey disguises marks that marred the lower half of this piece whilst showcasing the unflawed walnut of the top beautifully. Ollie used only upwards brush strokes which has left an incoming-tide-effect between Chalk Paint® and wood. Clear Chalk Paint® Wax protects and finishes the whole thing beautifully. The perfect way to upcycle and save an extraordinary yet damaged piece of furniture.

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