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Moroccan Stool by Jeanie Simpson
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Moroccan Stool by Jeanie Simpson

Painter in Residence Jeanie Simpson inherited this stool from her great-grandmother, who constructed it around 80 years ago from old tea cartons. With such impressive heritage, Jeanie wanted to ensure many more years of use with an attractive design suitable for any room. She opted for a Moroccan tile look – timeless and versatile.

Jeanie’s first step was to lacquer the entire piece. With 80 years worth of paint, stains and spills this first step guarantees no bleed through and allows the first coat of paint to apply smoothly and cleanly. If you’re not sure of the provenance of your piece, this is a quick and easy solution to avoiding problems further down the line.

Jeanie then applied Chalk Paint® in Old White all over as a base. Jeanie used rulers and a protractor to pencil various symmetrical repeat patterns on the stool. She filled in using Chalk Paint® in Graphite, and finally distressed with a sanding and scraping technique for added Moroccan-style authenticity. Finally a coat of Clear Wax protects the piece.

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