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Jelena Pticek geometric sideboard
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Jelena Pticek geometric sideboard

Painter in Residence Jelena Pticek chose French Linen – a cool neutral, khaki grey from the Chalk Paint® palette – as a neutral background to the bright, rich colours in her geometric pattern.

She then created her triangle template and began to play around with the size to make certain it worked with the scale of the furniture. Using the template, Jelena created the layout of the triangles – outlining each triangle with masking tape.

The new handles that Jelena had sourced for the sideboard inspired the colour palette for the geometric design. Using a palette of Barcelona Orange, Duck Egg Blue, Antoinette and Scandinavian Pink, she painted inside the marked-out triangles – making sure the four colours were spread out evenly across the sideboard.

To find out more, visit the Annie Sloan blog.

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