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Athenian Black sideboard by Chloe Kempster

Athenian Black sideboard by Chloe Kempster

Here Chloe Kempster of Maisie’s House demonstrates how to use Chalk Paint® and “negative space”. “Negative space” is a partial section of unpainted wood on an otherwise painted piece of furniture. This is a great solution for when you have an especially beautiful or unusual wooden piece of furniture with some damage, but unscathed areas elsewhere.

The rustic look Chloe has created suggests that the Chalk Paint® has worn away over the years. Chloe painted the top section with Athenian Black then used a clean, damp brush to work that paint downwards – creating a graduated effect towards the bottom of the piece and around the edges. This left a vignette of unpainted wood in the centre of the piece. Where necessary, a sponge can be used to aid with creating an authentic, gentle fade whilst the Chalk Paint® is still wet. Finally Chloe used Black Chalk Paint® Wax over the solid Athenian Black areas and Clear Chalk Paint® Wax on the unpainted wood and faded Athenian Black areas to protect and finish.

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