DIY Annie Sloan Fabric Advent Calendar

Looking to create your own DIY fabric advent calendar this Christmas? Look no further than this step-by-step using fabrics from the Annie Sloan range, Chalk Paint™ (of course!), and a touch of Christmas creativity!

Lifestyle Image of Fabric Advent Calendar created using Ticking in Olive Fabric by Annie Sloan

A homemade advent calendar is a wonderful way to cut down on excess Christmas plastics, packaging, and cheap choccies. Plus, it makes a beautiful decorative statement in your home!

Try matching your calendar to your existing decor, or personality. This project features Ticking in Olive from Annie’s fabric range, but you can browse all our fabrics here to find the perfect match for you. Then, get started.

For this project you’ll need:

  • 1 metre (x 146cm width) of Ticking in Olive Fabric
  • Chalk Paint™ in Old White
  • Chalk Paint™ in Olive
  • Annie Sloan Detail Brushes
  • Sewing Machine or Needle (you could hand sew these, but with 24 pouches to make we highly advise using a sewing machine if you have one!)
  • White Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Parcel Tags
  • Brown String

Step 1: Make the Drawstring

Olive Chalk Paint, Ticking in Olive Fabric, Brown Tags, String etc. Needed for Fabric Advent Calendar
Ticking in Olive Fabric, Measuring Tape, and Scissors

Make sure you’ve gathered everything you need. Then, first, make the drawstring for the advent pouches. Cut a strip of Ticking in Olive 3-4cm wide and about 60cm long. Make sure to cut this against the direction of stripes, so the stripes are short and plenty. The fabric is 146cm wide, so you can get two drawstrings out of one strip of the width of the fabric.

Annie Sloan Ticking in Olive Striped Fabric Being Sewn for Advent Calendar Drawstring

Next, fold the edges of the strip so they meet in the middle, making sure the side of the fabric you want is showing. Then, fold the strip in half so the rough edges are enclosed. Sew down the edge of the strip. You can pin at this stage if it helps, but feeding the string into the sewing machine usually does the job! You’ll need 24 of these.

Step 2: Cut Out the Pouches

Step by Step of Ticking in Olive Cut Out to Create Advent Pouches

Next, cut out the advent pouches. To make the first one, take the Ticking in Olive and fold over 11cm of fabric. Measure 14cm up the fold of the fabric and cut. This will create a 14 x 22cm rectangle. Then, fold the short edges of the rectangle over by 0.5-1cm (the back of the fabric facing up), and pin. Place the drawstring near the top of the rectangle.

Step 3: Create the Fabric Advent Calendar Pouches

Step by Step Images of Advent Pouches Creation

To create the first pouch, use the images above as a guide. Start by folding the top edge of your cut-out fabric over by 0.5cm. Then, fold the top edge again so it’s fully over the drawstring, about 1-2cm. Make sure the drawstring can move in between the fold. Pin this in place.

Then, sew along the folded-over edge, making sure not to sew the drawstring. It’s important that edge is folded onto the back of the fabric (as you’ll soon see!)

Next, take your pouch and fold it in half, the back of the fabric showing, and the front on the inside. Sew along the bottom and halfway up the righthand side.

Finally, turn the pouch inside out, et voila! The finished advent pouch. Hold the top and pull the string for that drawstring look and to ensure your advent presents stay in place. Next, make 23 more!

Step 4: Chalk Paint™ and Thread the Parcel Tags

Painting Numbers on Brown Tags using Olive Chalk Paint
A Collection of Brown Paper Tags with Chalk Painted Numbers in Olive and Old White

Once you’ve finished sewing, paint the dates onto the parcel tags. Take Chalk Paint™ in Old White and paint a rectangle on 24 parcel tags using your Large Flat Detail Brush. Once dry, take your Olive Chalk Paint™ and Large Round Detail Brush and, using the tip, paint numbers (1-24) onto the Old White square.

Then, thread each parcel tag with string and attach to a pouch. For maximum impact, attach more string or ribbon to your advent pouch and hang from different heights!

Scandinavian-Style Christmas Dining featuring Scandinavian Pink Farmhouse Table, Chateau Grey Walls and a DIY Advent Calendar in Ticking in Olive
Close Up Scandi-Style Dining Room of Ticking. in Olive Advent Calendar

So, there you have it! Your own DIY advent calendar using Annie Sloan fabric! If you’d rather not fill it full of chocolate, Annie recommends putting your favourite, most sentimental decorations for the Christmas tree inside each pouch to retrieve one day at a time!

Don’t forget to share your creations over on Facebook and Instagram and tag us using @anniesloanhome to spread some extra festive cheer! We’ll repost our favourites throughout the season!

And if, like us, you’re hoping for some Chalk Paint™-shaped presents under the tree this year, browse our gifts and kits section here (and then keep forwarding to all your friends and family until they get the hint!)


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