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Both Annie Sloan Europe the company, and Annie Sloan the individual, are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We’ve designed and manufactured our range of paints to give you the utmost confidence in our pigment-rich colours, unparalleled coverage, and in our environmental considerations.

But sustainability is complex, and there’s no one solve-all solution to reducing the impact of the paint industry on the environment. And so, it’s our intention at Annie Sloan to be open and honest about the numerous, ever-evolving practices involved in making our range of paints the best they can be: for you and for the planet.

Ultimately, claims of “eco-friendly,” or “green,” paint you might see from some other companies are often just marketing claims used to entice eco-conscious customers. At Annie Sloan, we know you care about the environmental impact of the paint you choose to use in your home. And in order to respect that, we’ve chosen to only use statements about our paint that can be proven.

100% water based paint graphic
Minimal VOC Paint Icon

Our range of paints – Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, Annie Sloan Wall Paint and Satin Paint – are all water based and contain minimal levels of VOC. The British Coatings Federation (BCF) consider this the environmentally-friendly choice for paint.

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We’re also committed to sustainable and local manufacturing at Annie Sloan. All our Chalk Paint™, Satin Paint, and Wall Paint is made in our on-site factory at Annie Sloan HQ in Oxford, UK.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint tin being used as a paint brush holder
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Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan and Annie Sloan Satin Paint have an A+ (i.e. highest possible) EU indoor air rating. Annie Sloan Wall Paint has an A EU indoor air rating. This means they don't affect the air quality inside your home.

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Our tins are 100%, and infinitely, recyclable, meaning there’s no end to the amount of times they can be recycled.

Upcycling & Reducing Furniture Waste


Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan and Annie Sloan Satin Paint are ideal for upcycling and refreshing furniture you already own, or locally-bought second-hand furniture. Doing this instead of buying new saves perfectly salvageable furniture from landfill, reduces the amount you consume, and could therefore dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Our range of paints and Chalk Paint™ Wax are even certified Toy Safe, meaning they’ve been independently tested according to strict European regulations (EN71-3) and found to contain no materials toxic to children. This makes our paint the perfect choice for little spaces and upcycling family furniture.

Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, Annie Sloan Wall Paint, and Annie Sloan Satin Paint have all been designed to ensure ultimate durability. Everyday spills and marks can be cleaned off easily (never using harsh chemicals!). This means there’s often no need to repaint, and can therefore reduce the amount of paint you buy and use over time.

By refreshing and rejuvenating your furniture using Annie Sloan products, you’re taking part in an eco-conscious practice: reducing, reusing, and recycling only once something reaches the absolute end of its lifecycle. So thank you, for choosing to reuse and relove the furniture you already own. And for using our no-fuss paint to do so.

Our promise to you is that every tin contains a pigment-packed formula designed to give you unparalleled coverage, confidence in its long-lasting durability, and ultimately, joy, in every shade!

"It's a great feeling to spruce up an old piece of furniture, but an even better feeling to know I saved it from going to landfill." Trustpilot Review, June 2022
Upcycled sideboard using Annie Sloan chalk paint

Upcycled Mid-Century Sideboard

Upcycled chest of drawers using pink chalk paint by annie sloan

Upcycled Chest of Drawers

pink and purple upcycled wardrobe using annie sloan chalk paint

Upcycled Wardrobe

Reusing Leftover Paint


Recycling liquid paint is possible but it isn’t always easy. Fortunately though, Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan paints almost every surface. Use leftover paint to give a tired kitchen chair a makeover, or perhaps brighten up a picture frame!

Chalk Painted plant pots

Our Manufacturing Process


There’s no avoiding the facts: manufacturing paint takes a lot of energy. But in the last two years, we have undergone a number of costly equipment upgrades aimed at reducing our energy consumption for the future. In the same time period our entire manufacturing process has been redesigned to be as time and energy efficient as possible, with a continuous improvement programme still active to reduce this further. Because the clock is ticking, and the reduction of our energy consumption could not be more important.

Blue paint being made in the Annie Sloan factory
Annie Sloan in Chalk Paint factory in Oxford HQ by the filling line

Postage & Packaging

Our range of paints are made in our on-site factory at Annie Sloan HQ in Oxford, transported in bulk to meet demand at our European HQ and distribution centre, and shipped to you directly from there. This process helps to reduce the carbon emissions from travel and transportation attached to your order.

Every order is hand picked and packed by the small team at Annie Sloan Europe HQ in unbleached boxes made from 70% recycled materials. Once flattened, these are 100% recyclable. Check your local recycling information for details.

We’re also currently in the process of eliminating plastic from our product packaging entirely in the near future. Watch this space!

Annie Sloan's manufacturing team in the factory
"Reject our environmentally-damaging throwaway culture, like fast-fashion and fast-homeware, by taking the time to repair, repaint, restore and relove!" Annie Sloan

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