Annie Sloan at a vat of Chalk Paint in Lem Lem in Oxford HQ factory

Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturing our paint in-house gives us almost complete control over the environmental impact of the process. Here are just some of the steps taken by us to ensure it’s at a minimum:

  • We schedule the perfect batch sizes to reduce excess; and monitor the ingredients of each and every tin of paint, making sure no unnecessary steps have been involved in its production.
  • We source only the finest raw materials to manufacture our paint, from suppliers in the UK and in Europe that match our commitment to sustainable paint manufacture and production.
  • We have a programme of regular paint formula updates to ensure they’re made using the most up-to-date, highest-quality, and of course, eco-friendly, ingredients.
  • We recycle our liquid waste, reworking any small amounts of surplus paint generated throughout the manufacturing process into other batches of paint. We also reuse the water used to clean our equipment (in place of harmful chemicals) several times, before using a specialist liquid recycling company to remove it.
  • We also try to minimise any excess transportation of our paint, shipping it in bulk from our on-site factory in Oxford to meet demand at our European HQ, and sending to you directly from there.
Annie Sloan making Chalk Paint® in Lem Lem in the Oxford factory Credit to Tina Hillier and Oxfam
Annie Sloan Satin Paint being made in the factory
"By making the paint with our own hands, we can ensure every effort is made to reduce the impact its production has on the environment." Dave Callaway, Production Manager



Chalk Paint