How to get the Cottage Core look

Are you yearning for the idyllic charm and cosy ambience of a cottage retreat right in your own home? Look no further! Whether you’re a fan of farmhouse flair, cottage core charm, or granny chic vibes, there’s no denying the irresistible allure of this timeless aesthetic. And the good news? You can easily achieve this dreamy vibe with the magic of paint and Annie Sloan’s signature DIY techniques. Let’s explore how you can infuse your space with warmth, character, and homely charm, one paint stroke at a time…


  1. Upholster or Decoupage with Vintage Prints

Give your furniture a charming makeover by upholstering them with vintage fabrics or use Annie’s Image Transfer to Decoupage floral patterns and give a quaint chintz look to pieces. We used floral napkins on this wall painted with Chalk Paint in Svenska Blue to channel a cutely charming vintage look reminiscent of tea parties.

  1. Distressed Furniture: The Beauty of Imperfection

Embrace the beauty of imperfection by distressing your furniture with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. Whether it’s a weathered dresser, a chipped side table, or a worn-out cabinet, distressing adds a touch of rustic charm and vintage character to your space. Experiment with sandpaper, the dry brush technique or Annie’s signature two-step distress to achieve a coveted time-worn look that’s quintessential to the cottage core aesthetic. Since Chalk Paint applies to virtually any surface and has been specifically thickly formulated to make decorative painting super easy, this one is a no-brainer! If you’re looking for a piece of furniture to try out your upcycling skills we recommend reading our Shop Your Home blog or our Guide to Thrifting Furniture blogs first!

  1. Natural Wood Finished with White Wax

Add a touch of natural elegance to your home by finishing wooden furniture with Annie Sloan White Chalk Paint Wax. This versatile product not only protects and nourishes wood surfaces, but also adds a subtle whitewashed effect that enhances the cottage-inspired charm of your space. Whether it’s a rustic dining table, a reclaimed wood shelf, or a vintage rocking chair, white wax adds a touch of understated beauty that complements any cottage core décor.

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Old Violet and White Wax Neoclassical chair with Linen Union in Old Violet + Old White seat cushion
  1. Embrace Natural Materials and Textures

Incorporate natural materials and textures into your home to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Opt for rattan baskets, woven throws, jute rugs, and linen curtains to add depth and dimension to your space. Embrace the beauty of imperfection with handmade ceramics, artisanal pottery, and weathered wooden accents that celebrate the rustic charm of cottage living. Annie’s range of Linen and Cotton Union fabrics are perfect for this.

Gorgeous display cabinet painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, colour Old Ochre.
  1. Floral Accents: Bring the Outdoors In

Infuse your space with the timeless beauty of florals by incorporating fresh flowers, botanical prints, and floral patterns into your décor. Arrange bouquets of wildflowers in vintage vases, hang botanical artwork on your walls, or add floral cushions to your seating area. Whether it’s daisies, roses, or lavender, florals instantly brighten up your home and add a touch of natural elegance to your cottage-inspired haven. A folky, joyful way to bring florals into your home is by painting them onto furniture – or even walls! We recommend using Annie’s Decorative Brush Paint Sets to create freeform brush-led shapes and designs, or alternatively try our Meadow Wildflower Stencil, Countryside Bird or Faux Bone Inlay Stencil. All will bring a home-hewn authenticity to your interiors. As will our range of Decoupage Papers in collaboration with the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society). These stencils and decoupage papers are perfect for creating a cottage-core or country farmhouse feel.

Conclusion: Transform Your Home into a Cosy Cottage Retreat with Annie Sloan

With the right paint and DIY techniques, you can easily create a cosy cottage core haven that exudes warmth, character, and homely charm. From upholstering with vintage prints to distressing furniture with Chalk Paint, Annie Sloan’s signature products allow you to infuse your space with the irresistible allure of cottage living. Embrace the magic of paint and transform your home into a picturesque retreat where every corner radiates with the timeless charm of cottage core style.



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