DIY Chalk Painted Christmas Bunting Project

Step into the festive spirit with this fun and easy DIY Christmas bunting project, turning your holiday decor into a charming crafting tradition. Not only is it a joyful activity, but it’s also eco-friendly, adding a touch of feel-good warmth to your festive celebrations. Plus, you can match the bunting to your existing decor using delightful Chalk Paint colours! Go the whole hog and paint wrapping paper and baubles to match for a really bespoke, curated, high-end homemade feel.


You will need:

Or three other colours of your choice!

Step 1: Paint the Canvas

Get creative by painting one side of the card with either Chalk Paint in Olive or Coolabah Green, allowing equal amounts for both. Once dry, flip the card and paint the other side with Paris Grey. Repeat this step for each piece of card and let it fully dry.

painting canvas with olive chalk paint

Step 2: Cut and Craft

Once dry, cut the painted card into rectangles, approximately 6cm x 3cm in size, using your trusty scissors.


cutting the painted card into rectangles.
cutting the painted card into rectangles.

Step 3: Fold and Shape

Fold each rectangle in half along the longer side and snip it to a point, creating unique leaf shapes. Embrace the rustic vibe by folding some with green facing inwards and grey outwards, and vice versa.


cutting the painted card into rectangles.

Step 4: Gilding Glamour

Add a touch of glamour with Bright Silver Gilding Wax using a small detail brush. Gild around a third of the leaves, leaving two-thirds untouched for a varied look.

adding a touch of silver gliding wax

Step 5: Stringing Together the Festivity

Thread a hardy embroidery thread through a needle, choosing a colour that complements your vision. String the leaves at random, alternating colours and including the silver-tipped ones. Tie the end of the thread in a loop, making it easy to hang your personalized Christmas bunting year after year!


Enjoy this delightful and crafty project, bringing festive cheer to your home with a personal touch!


threading a embroidery thread through a needle

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