Get ready to unwrap joy and eco-friendly elegance this Christmas with our Splatter Paint Christmas Wrapping Paper. Transform your Christmas wrapping into a festive masterpiece! Not only is it  creative and fun, but it’s also a fantastic eco-friendly tradition to make your holiday season extra special. Follow these steps for a classy, bespoke look that’ll leave everyone in awe.

Splatter Wrapping Paper

You will need:

Step 1: Unroll the Fun

Start with a recycled black roll of wrapping paper – a perfect canvas for your holiday magic Using a black base will make the other colours “pop”! Cut a length and let the creativity flow!

Step 2: Colour Your Christmas

Choose three vibrant Chalk Paint colours – we went for soft eucalyptus coloured Coolabah Green, festive Olive, and sophisticated Paris Grey. Dilute your paints slightly with water to enhance the splatter effect.

Step 3: Splatter Magic Unleashed

Get messy and artsy! Take a Detail Brush and flick the diluted Chalk Paint onto the paper with a playful wrist action. Remember, the messier, the better! Chalk Paint is water based so can be easily cleaned up with mild detergents.

Step 4 : Double the Splatter, Double the Fun

Switch to your second colour and repeat the splatter extravaganza. Use just one finger for small splatter designs,press harder with more fingers for bigger splatters. The size difference will add that extra touch of uniqueness.

splattering paint

Step 5: Hero Colour Time

Choose your favourite colour, the one that steals the show, and apply it once again.

Step 6: Gold Elegance

Introduce Annie Sloan Gold Size into the mix. Flick it over your wrapping paper using the same fun method. Watch as it transforms from slightly milky to fully transparent. Patience pays off – it might take up to 10 minutes to dry.

Step 7 : Silver Lining

Now, take Loose Metal Leaf in the dazzling Imitation Silver. Lay it down on the wrapping paper, ensuring your hands are dry and clean. Let the silver add a touch of glamour.

Step 8 : Brush Away Excess

Grab a clean, dry Flat Brush and sweep away any excess leaf. What remains is a shimmering silver finish on the areas covered with Gold Size. Don’t waste any leaf – reuse it where Gold Size is still visible.

Step 9 : Wrap It Up in Style 

As soon as your masterpiece is complete, get ready to wrap your gifts with style! Feel free to duplicate this dazzling design on white paper using the same Chalk Paint colours and Imitation Gold Leaf, or in any other combination! Match your wrapping to your home, your personality or your recipient.


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