How to: Make a DIY Printed Table Runner

Learn how to make your own patterned table runner with a Chalk Paint™.

The beauty of this DIY table runner is it requires absolutely no sewing. It honestly couldn’t be any simpler to make! To make this table runner, first you’ll want to fray your fabric. Here we’ve used one of Annie’s own Linen Union fabrics. Since the weft and the weave on these fabrics are created from complementary colours, they fringe beautifully.

Now you’ve created your fringing, you can start making patterns on the runner with Chalk Paint™. You can use a freehand technique to print on a pattern or perhaps use a stencil if you prefer.

Step by step guide to making your own table runner

  1. Tear your fabric to size so you get a straight edge. To do this, make a small cut then tear.
  2. Create frayed edges by pulling away threads until the fringe is 2.5cm all around. You can do this by hand or use a seam ripper to help you.
  3. Finally, iron to press out any creases.
  4. Paint, stencil or print with Chalk Paint™.

Now you’ve followed these steps to making this simple no-sew table runner, you can have fun experimenting with different fabrics and paint colours. There are so many combinations to try, you could be creating a different table runner for every season – or dinner party!

There are lots of ways to paint, dye and print on fabric with Chalk Paint™. To find out how and find inspiration for more projects like this, see Annie Sloan Paints Everything published by CICO Books. Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books.

A table runner made from Linen Union fabric by Annie Sloan and printed with Chalk Paint®

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