How To: Use Paisley Garland Floral Stencil

Follow our step-by-step guide to using one of Annie's most popular stencils.

There are tonnes of ways to use Paisley Floral Garland stencil. Annie Sloan specifically designed her new stencil range to be easily customisable to different pieces of furniture, different decorative themes, and for different personalities.

Paisley Floral Garland is a two-part set, allowing for countless different patterns. The stencil can be used as a flower string design along horizontal surfaces, repeated to create a high impact chintz look or in isolation to add interest to a piece of furniture. The paisley shape synonymous with traditional Indian designs is inspired by the tropical mango but is named after the town of Paisley in Scotland (where many Kashmiri shawls were made).

Paint in hot, spicy Chalk Paint™ colours for a fiesta of colour à la Pakistani Truck Art, equatorial folk palettes or ceremonial Indian garb. Alternatively, reference traditional indigo block dyed fabric by using Oxford Navy and Old White to channel the Paisley Floral Garlands Annie was inspired by in Rajasthan.

All of Annie’s stencils are made from a durable, washable, semi-opaque plastic (250 micron/10 mil Mylar) making them reusable for multiple projects. The opacity allows for you to monitor your stencil application as you go and correct mistakes sooner rather than later! Apply your stencil with either a Sponge Roller or Stencil Brush, using less Chalk Paint™ rather than more, and taping your design down for ease of application (as demonstrated in the video above!)

Sheet size: A4

Design size:
Main design: 268mm (10.5″) x 104mm (4″)

Step by step guide to using an Annie Sloan stencil

  1. Tape your stencil in place using masking or painter’s tape.
  2. Decant Chalk Paint™ onto another surface; here, we’ve used an Annie Sloan MixMat. Mixmats are non-porous and wipe clean, making them the ideal eco-friendly, cost-effective surface for mixing paint or cleaning one’s brush (as none of your precious Chalk Paint™ will be absorbed!). Otherwise, Annie recommends newspaper or old cardboard.
  3. Roll your roller through the Chalk Paint™, then back and forth on a clean area of your MixMat (or newspaper) to remove excess Chalk Paint™. The less Chalk Paint™ you have on your roller, the crisper your design will be. Roll backwards and forwards over the stencil until you can see you’ve covered all the correct areas.
  4. Repeat all over your furniture!
  5. Apply Chalk Paint™ Wax or Lacquer to protect your design (click here for tips on how to use Chalk Paint™ Wax and here for tips on how to use Lacquer)

Pro Tip from Annie: sometimes, after applying stencils, I like to use a small Detail Brush and go in with other Chalk Paint™ colours to pick out elements of the design. It immediately makes the stencils look richer and hand painted!

Aftercare: Clean your stencil by soaking in warm soapy water and gently rub off the paint without scrubbing.


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