How to Stencil a Chair with Chalk Paint™ – Part 2

Annie shows you how to stencil on furniture using her decorative paint, Chalk Paint™. In this second of two videos, she shows you how to apply her stencils in a randomly overlaid pattern.

  1. Pour a little Chalk Paint™ into a paint tray. Here, Annie has used Old White and Olive.
  2. Charge your Annie Sloan Sponge Roller with paint. Roll off any excess on the dry section of your paint tray.
  3. Hold up your chosen stencil to the area of the chair you want to paint over. Roll the paint on through the stencil.
  4. You can apply more than one stencil and more than one colour. You can also pick up details in each stencil design and overlap the stencils to create your own pattern.
  5. Leave the paint to dry.
  6. Seal your paintwork with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax. Allow this to dry overnight. It will take between 5-21 days for it to harden (or cure) completely.

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