The concept of ‘shopping your home’ has long been the domain of interior designers and stylists, but it’s beginning to enter the mainstream. Indeed, more and more, the economically- (and environmentally!) conscious among us are choosing to search around our homes, rediscovering, and refreshing our existing pieces, before buying new or external items.

This practice can be significantly more rewarding than buying cheap, mass-manufactured fast furniture for an instant interiors hit. Not to mention, more cost-efficient and better for the planet. Keep reading for our guide to updating your home, using the pieces you already own.

Start Small

Shop Your Home Annie Sloan Schinkel Green Wall Paint Lifestyle Image featuring Small Tray, Candlesticks, Lamp, and Picture Frames Painted in Chalk Paint

It might be daunting to think about making big changes to your existing rooms – rearranging, or repainting furniture – but starting small isn’t hard. Seek out that tray you bought years ago at a charity shop. Or that lampshade base you’ve never liked the colour of? Small items like this are perfect for rediscovering and repainting. 

Our range of Chalk Paint™ is suitable for almost every surface. Big or small. Perhaps you even have some leftover Chalk Paint™ from a larger project to use up? Once finished, simply display your updated pieces proudly, and marvel at the impact you’ve achieved for the cost of just one 120ml tin of Chalk Paint™ (or less!)

Reconsider Your Anchor Pieces

Athenian Black Chalk Paint Winged Mirror Dresser in Romantic, Minimalist Bedroom

Photo credit: Instagram @happy.corner.s

Once you’ve tackled the small stuff, take a step back and look at your anchor pieces – large furniture items, paintings, and rugs. Because of their size and impact, trying to fit these pieces into updated interior concepts they no longer suit can be frustrating. But giving them a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. The result: updated, contemporary pieces that feel (and look!) as good as if you’d just bought them. 

Here, Nichole of @happy.corner.s has repainted this French-style dressing table and winged mirror in Athenian Black Chalk Paint™ to compliment her achingly-romantic, ultra-minimalist bedroom interior. Originally, this dressing table might have been a dark mahogany: beautiful, but not always timeless.

Our next ‘shop your home’ tip is…

Reorganise Photographs

Shop Your Home Capri Pink Wall Paint Study Corner featuring Emperor's Silk Bureau and Chalk Paint Picture Frames and Waste Paper Bin
Close Up Capri Pink Lifestyle Image featuring Chalk Painted Picture Frames and Lamp

Reorganising your photo arrangements offers an often free, minimal-effort solution to interior-fatigue. Simply swap the positioning of your frames around and admire an updated scheme! Better still, try using picture hanging strips (rather than nails, or hooks) for ultimate, no-fuss flexibility!

Or, if you don’t mind spending a little cash, do like the former Fashion Director of British Vogue, Lucinda Chambers, and give your frames a fresh coat of Chalk Paint™ for extra interiors-chic. Indeed, updating the style and/or colour of photo frames you already own – or bought at a local market or online – is a far more cost-effective alternative to forking out on expensive frames.

Move Things Around

Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint Side Table Next To Scandi-Style Minimalist Bed
Shop Your Home Scandinavian Pink Side Table Seen at End of Landing

Photo credits: Instagram @gareth_at_keeperscottage

Finally, don’t be afraid to move pieces around. Or even break up sets of furniture! Sticking to strict, overly-prescriptive rules about the assigned position of the furniture in our homes does nothing to extend their longevity. Indeed, if it doesn’t look ‘right’ in its assigned room, or if you’d get more use (or joy!) out of it elsewhere, try moving the piece of furniture to another spot. This approach is more cost-efficient – and of course better for the environment – than replacing the item altogether!

Here, Gareth of @gareth_at_keeperscottage is giving us a masterclass in repositioning furniture in your home for maximum impact. His Scandinavian Pink bedside (or is it?) table looking just as elegant, and serving just as much purpose, on his landing. Proving rules are made to be broken!

Head over to @anniesloanhome on Instagram for more of our ‘shop your home’ tips, and to share your own. Don’t forget to tag us! Or, to read more about sustainable practices here at Annie Sloan:


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