How to Add Character to Your New Build Home

Transform Your new Build into a Home with Annie Sloan Paints

There’s so many ways you can transform your new build home using Annie Sloan paints. Chalk Paint, Satin Paint, and Wall Paint are all richly pigmented low VOC paints with luxurious textured finishes which can be used to endow your new home with character, personality and warmth. Adding character, personality and warmth to your new build home will imbue it with a homely feeling and a sense of self that makes the place feel totally your own. Here are our top tips for the best ways and places to use paint to personalise your Builder Grade home.

Paint Your Interior Doors

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to infuse character into your builder-grade home is by painting your interior doors. Annie Sloan’s versatile paints offer a wide range of colours to suit any style. Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan Satin Paint can both be used on internal wood and metal; Chalk Paint will require a finishing coat of Chalk Paint Wax or Lacquer to finish and protect, whilst Annie Sloan Satin Paint is a one-step paint with inbuilt protective qualities. Consider a bold choice like Knightsbridge Green for a pop of personality, or opt for a subtle semi-circle detail in a soft satin finish for a touch of elegance. Painting your doors not only adds visual interest but also creates cohesion throughout your home. Explore our Annie Sloan Satin Paint range here.


Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrade your kitchen with Annie Sloan paints by giving your cabinets a makeover. Whether you prefer the classic look of Chalk Paint or the one-step durability of Annie Sloan Satin Paint the options are endless. Create a charming contrast by painting the walls in a delicate hue like Antoinette and the cabinets in a vibrant mix of Aubusson Blue and Emperor’s Silk. The transformation will breathe new life into your kitchen, making it the heart of your home.

Add Reclaimed Vintage Furniture

Inject personality into your space by incorporating reclaimed vintage furniture, revived with Annie Sloan paints. Whether it’s a weathered dresser or a rustic dining table, these one-of-a-kind vintage pieces add character and charm. Experiment with different paint techniques to achieve a distressed or layered look, creating a one-of-a-kind statement piece that tells a story.

Upcycled wardrobe in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Install Panelling and Paint

For a timeless touch, consider adding panelling to your walls and painting with Annie Sloan paints. This architectural detail instantly elevates the look of any room, adding depth and texture. Whether you prefer a traditional white panelling or a bold colour like Oxford Navy, the result is a space filled with character and warmth.

Incorporating Annie Sloan paints into your builder-grade home allows you to personalise your space and create a home that truly reflects your style. With endless possibilities for creativity, you can transform every corner into a place you love to call home.


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