Faded Palms Sideboard

by Chloe Kempster

This sophisticated take on a tropical tableau of palm leaves is sure to wow guests, painted by Painter in Residence Chloe Kempster.

This furniture was intended as a bureau but Chloe Kempster (of Maisie’s House) saw a future for it is as a conversation-sparking bar and upcycled it accordingly.

Chloe began with a base coat of Chalk Paint™ in Olive. Olive is a warm green and when layered in this way will bring out the warmth and depth in the cooler-toned shades of Amsterdam Green and Aubusson Blue used over the top. Amsterdam Green served as a highlight to pick out features such as the carving on the legs; then Chloe dry-brushed Aubusson Blue over the top (leaving patches unpainted, especially on the carving, and blending in other areas using a damp blending brush).

The door panels have been decoupaged using wallpaper. Cut wallpaper to size, apply adhesive such as Annie’s Image Medium to your surface, then gently place your wallpaper, wrapping paper, or other covering to your furniture. Chloe then applied a diluted mix of Aubusson Blue and water over the papered areas using a sponge and feathered the paint out evenly with a flat brush to give a romantic, faded look. She further emphasised this aged effect by distressing the papered areas with a Fine Grade Sanding Pad once dry.

Finally, she dabbed Black Chalk Paint™ Wax into the recesses of the piece to create a contrast between light and shade, applied Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax over the top of the rest of the painted piece to protect. Over the areas of wallpaper she lacquered with Gloss Chalk Paint™ Lacquer for a high-shine effect.


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