Decoupage Cabinet Transformation

by The House Warmings

This chic, contemporary decoupage cabinet, or buffet, has been painted by our Painter in Residence, The House Warmings.


The House Warmings Decoupage Cabinet using Roundabouts and Graphite

The House Warmings shows how beautifully Decoupage Papers work alongside Chalk Paint™ to take your upcycling projects to the next level. Try it for yourself using our step-by-step:

Step 1: Chalk Paint™ and Sand

Firstly, The House Warmings applied two layers of Chalk Paint™ in Graphite over the sides and top of the piece, where she was not applying her Decoupage Papers. She then slightly sanded the Chalk Paint™ back using the finest Annie Sloan Sanding Pad to give a beautifully rustic look and add character.

Step 2: Decoupage

Next, The House Warmings cleaned down the area she was going to decoupage to ensure there was nothing to interfere with the gluing agent and the paper, and to get rid of any sanding dust. She then held up her chosen Decoupage Paper, which is Roundabouts from the Annie Sloan with the Royal Horticultural Society Collection, to decide where and how to best place it before trimming. Holding your paper in front of the furniture is the best way to measure where you ought to cut. Remember: it’s always better to cut the paper too large then dampen and tear excess away at the end, rather than cutting it too small.

The House Warmings then applied Image Medium, which acts as an adhesive for decoupage. Easy to apply, this glue and varnish gives a beautifully smooth, matt finish. The House Warmings worked on small sections at a time, which helps you work methodically and avoid dragging your clothing in wet glue. After painting on the Image Medium she placed her Decoupage Paper gently in place. She then used a small squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles. She repeated all over the piece and allowed to dry before tearing away the excess Decoupage Paper. Dampening Decoupage Paper will make this process really easy. Simply wet your fingers and pinch the paper away or run a wet sponge/brush along the edge where you want to tear.

Inside Cupboards of The House Warmings Decoupage Cabinet Painted in Arles

Step 3: Chalk Paint™ Detail

Never one to miss an opportunity to bring some extra joy and colour to a piece of furniture, The House Warmings painted the inside of the cabinet using Chalk Paint™ in Arles to match the details in the Roundabouts design. Painting the inside of your furniture is a lovely way to play with colour, especially if you’re nervous of brighter shades! It’ll give you a burst of joy and a little thrill every time you open a drawer or cupboard.

After a few hours, once the Chalk Paint™ and Image Medium was fully dry, The House Warmings applied a coat of Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax all over to protect and finish.

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