Colours to paint your dining room

Painting your dining room is a big decision and one you’ll want to get right. This is the room where guests congregate for dinner parties, where family Christmas feasts are celebrated, and special occasions marked.

Often more formal than the rest of the home, something of a refuge from the activity of the kitchen or the informality of the sitting room; choosing the right colour for this space can feel intimidating, which is where Annie Sloan Wall Paint comes in.

Every shade of Annie Sloan Wall Paint has a rich backstory. Every shade has heritage inside every can, along with premium pigments, industry-leading durability, and that luxurious finish. They’ll spark compliments and conversations.

There are colour options you may be more drawn to, and you should let that lead your decision-making over following trends. Here, we’ve chosen three different looks to inspire you.

Farm house dining room by Annie Sloan

Gentle sage greens look equally beautiful whether in daylight or under artificial light, be that candles, fairy lights or lamplight. They’re a universally appealing shade, gentle enough to please crowds but interesting enough not to bore. Try Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Terre Verte or Cotswold Green in your dining room. For best results, contrast with furniture painted using Chalk Paint™ in Scandinavian Pink and White Chalk Paint™ Wax. This unexpected colour clash is chic and brings out the best in each shade. Add chairs painted with Chalk Paint™ in Olive and give a wash of Chalk Paint™ in Old White on flooring for a swept-clean, fresh feeling space with charm and personality (as pictured).

Old White wall pained used in dining room behind table and chairs

Alternatively, use neutrals from the Annie Sloan Wall Paint palette. All the Annie Sloan Wall Paint neutrals have been formulated, mixed and approved by Annie to ensure they are the exact whites and greys most useful to any homeowner. There’s taupe tinted Adelphi, light-reflecting and elegant Paled Mallow, or classic Old White. Use these as a backbone to your scheme, then make more of a statement on flooring or furniture using Chalk Paint™. The walls in this vibrant, seventies style dining room are painted using Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Old White. Interest comes from floor tiling painted using Chalk Paint™ in Antoinette and Barcelona Orange to create a Bauhaus pattern on generic budget white tiles. It’s a space that’s sure to impress.

Cosy and Elegant Aubusson Blue Wall Paint by Annie Sloan Dining Room

Finally – have you considered a stronger, darker, more dramatic shade for your dining room? It’ll make a sophisticated statement and create an atmosphere of indulgence, luxury and comfort. The rich and indulgent, jewel-toned dining room above has been painted using Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Aubusson Blue. Other luxurious dining room colours such as Knightsbridge Green or Oxford Navy will also create a cocoon of warmth to invite your favourite guests into. These strong colours are especially suited to homes where dinner becomes dessert and satiated guests loiter for late-night conversation. Dress with soft lighting then sit back and luxuriate in compliments!


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