5 ways to Upcycle your Wardrobe with Chalk Paint

If you’re here because you want to know how, why, or what colour to paint your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. Painting your wardrobe is a deeply satisfying, transformative project that can bring that new-stuff sparkle to a space. But why take our word for it? Scroll on for stunning photos of painted wardrobes that will have you reaching for your paint brush before you even finish reading this article…

Ombre walnut painted wardrobe

Can I paint my wardrobe?

The short answer is yes! With Chalk Paint, you can paint your wardrobe. Whether your wardrobe has been previously painted, whether it’s a second-hand find, a flat-pack new buy, made from MDF, wood veneer, pine, or even inbuilt: you can paint it and transform a room immediately. Chalk Paint can be applied to virtually any surface with no need to prep or prime before skipping ahead to the fun part. You can also use Annie Sloan Satin Paint when painting internal wood or metal. The difference is that when painting with Annie Sloan Satin Paint you may need to sand the wardrobe before painting, unlike when using Chalk Paint.

Painted wardrobes have a large flat surface. Like tired looking but fully functional kitchen cabinets, old, damaged, or otherwise unlovely wardrobes practically BEG to be painted, for three reasons:

  1. Painting a wardrobe is low effort, high impact.
  2. Painting a wardrobe is quick and easy.
  3. Painting a wardrobe will have a transformative effect on your space.

Where better to play with colour than on your wardrobe? It’s less of a question of “why should I paint my wardrobe?” and more like “why HAVEN’T I already painted my wardrobe?”.

The real difficulty comes in choosing which Chalk Paint colour, when there are so many beautiful options. If you’re wondering “what colour should I paint my wardrobe?” we recommend taking a peek inside and using your clothes for inspiration or browsing the examples below.  We’ve got bone inlay painted wardrobes, folk art painted wardrobes, antique look painted wardrobes, and even a Gen Z worthy squiggle painted wardrobe to tickle your fancy. Whichever colour and design you choose, just make sure it sparks joy for you. And remember that this quick and easy project can be redone whenever the mood takes you, so you can try many different Chalk Paint colours over the seasons!

 1. Folk art painted wardrobe

This wardrobe was painted by @gabydeeming, former stylist at House and Garden UK, who knows a thing of two about good style! Gabby found this second-hand wardrobe on eBay and covered up the bumps, bruises and other superficial damage by painting it with Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue. The central panels are adorned with delicate floral designs, including painted lilies of the valley. It serves as a statement piece in the bedroom. Shop Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint here and check out Annie’s Decoupage Papers with the RHS to mimic those floral designs – without the need for an artists hand!


2. Squiggle Painted wardrobe

Next up is this squiggle painted wardrobe by Attic Furniture QLD. Click here for a full step-by-step Here, Napoleonic Blue makes for a beautiful soothing base against which pastel pink Antoinette can really “pop”. Cobalt blue is a great choice for bedroom furniture because it creates a soothing, cosy, dark feeling at night and a shot of vibrant electric blue pigment in the light of day.

3. White painted wardrobe

Of course, we had to include a typical shabby chic painted wardrobe! This lovely wardrobe by @harnhamhouse is a calm and warm calico touch in a room painted using Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Piranesi Pink. The wardrobe has been painted using Chalk Paint in Country Grey. Country Grey is a fabulous rustic colour; suitable for farmhouse style homes, cottagecore looks and faded rustic looks.

4. Faux bone Inlay painted Wardrobe

Bone inlay is one of the most beautiful traditional cultural ways of making furniture. However, it comes with a hefty price tag that reflects the level of craftsmanship and the rarity of these pieces. However, you can use the traditional design aspects of this piece such as the strongly contrasting two-tone palette and then shapes of the ivory or mother of pearl inlay. Simply use Annie Sloan’s Faux Bone Inlay Stencil (pictured) and Chalk Paint in Old White to add interest to your furniture. We created a whole set for this Indian inspired boudoir. Painting misnatched furniture in the same colours and style is a great way to bring a bedroom together and create a more cohesive look (Without the vast expense of shelling out for a whole new bedroom set!).


Wardrobe painted using Annie Sloan's Chalk-Paint-in-Louis-Blue-and-Antoinette

5. Bold blue painted wardrobe

Finally, this big blue painted wardobe is a First Ildiko focused on the ornate carvings and details, painting them in Chalk Paint in Graphite. Then she went over the whole piece in Napoleonic Blue knocked back with a little French Linen. She blended the colours together while she worked, using a spray bottle filled with water to keep the paint wet and adding a little Aubusson Blue along the way. A mix of Honfleur and French Linen was painted into the recesses of the door panel


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