In this step-by-step, Joanna, one of our Senior Graphic Designers here at Annie Sloan HQ, transforms a reclaimed panelled screen using Decoupage Papers from our exclusive Annie Sloan with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Decoupage Paper Collection.

Browse Annie’s full RHS Decoupage Papers collection here, or keep scrolling to be inspired!

Designer Joanna Standing Next to Her Decoupage Screen Creation

For this project, you’ll need: 

Step 1: Chalk Paint™

What You'll Need Decoupage Screen Products featuring Decoupage Papers, Chalk Paint, and Brushes
Close Up Olive Chalk Paint Being Applied using Chalk Paint Brush

Start by painting the screen with Chalk Paint™ in Duck Egg Blue. Then, splodge and blend the Olive Chalk Paint™ onto the bottom sections of the screen to create the effect of sky and ground.

Step 2: Prepare your RHS Decoupage Papers

Dutch Tulips and Fleury Papers Being Collated into Design

Next, carefully tear around each Dutch Tulip so you don’t have any hard lines. Then, tear the Fleury paper, leaving some straight edges to line up to the edges of your screen. Imagine the Fleury is your trellis.

Then, lay your papers into position to create your design, taking time to find the perfect combination. Joanna’s top tip at this stage is to take a picture of your chosen design on your phone to refer to throughout.

Step 3: Apply your RHS Decoupage Papers

In Progress Dutch Tulips Decoupage Papers Being Applied to Panelled Screen

Once you’ve decided on your design, glue your papers into place using Image Medium. Hold one edge of the paper and smooth the Image Medium out from that point to prevent tearing.

Cover each section in Image Medium as you go along. Make sure not to overwork it and not to panic if bigger pieces look crinkly; they’ll shrink and smooth out as they dry!

After all your Dutch Tulip and Fleury pieces are applied, use watered-down Chalk Paint™ in Greek Blue to paint expressive marks over your finished pattern. This is to create movement and energy in the design.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Image Medium Being Applied to Winged Wildlife Decoupage Paper Close Up
Hero Image of Reclaimed Panelled Screen in Dutch Tulip Design

Lastly, cut out some butterflies from the Winged Wildlife paper and scatter them throughout your design. Once positioned, fix them in place using Image Medium.

Finish the piece by applying one final coat of Image Medium over the entire screen. Then step back and admire!

Get started by browsing all the products used here in the Featured Products section. Or, if you’d like to read more about Annie’s exclusive collaboration with the RHS (including her experience of combing the magnificent RHS Lindley Collections to create these Decoupage Papers!), head over to our Collaboration page, here.


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