Aztec Kilim Inspired Chalk Paint® Chest of Drawers

by JustRestore

It’s bittersweet to reveal the bold and beautiful final instalment from our reigning Painter in Residence, the talented Sabah Bardhan of JustRestore, Dubai. JustRestore’s journey has seen some brilliantly creative, joyful, colourful pieces. You can revisit them all here; from the Indian inspired Giverny cupboard, via Koi Carp and Geishas to a faux-agate effect side table. To keep up to date with JustRestore’s continued work, make sure you’re following her on Instagram.

Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Just Restore Chalk Paint Chest of Drawers

This contemporary looking chest of drawers with deeply rooted folk roots is a pastiche of traditional geometric design and a wonderful merging of contemporary and historic techniques. Although we think of geometric shapes as being a fairly modern pattern and printmaking motif, this triangular design references Ancient Aztec and Kilim decorative principles.

1. To create a modern base for the rest of your work, use a Flat Brush (large or small) to give a smooth finish. Creating a smooth Chalk Paint® finish is easy with the right tools. Flat Brushes have been especially designed with long, thin synthetic bristles which hold less paint than traditional brushes (e.g Chalk Paint™ Brushes) and therefore give a less textured finish. 

2. The drawer fronts have been painted using Chalk Paint® in Old White. Again, the Flat Brush helps create a smooth and level finish. 

3. Once dry, JustRestore measured her piece and used a ruler to create a grid. This helped her to create a crisp and clear design, which she emphasised by using a ruler to build a geometric pattern of triangles.

Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Just Restore Aztec Kilim Chalk Paint Chest of Drawers In Progress

4. These triangles have been painted in an array of Chalk Paint® colours, Firle, Emperor’s Silk, Barcelona Orange, Tilton, Napoleonic Blue, Provence, Athenian Black and a blend of Aubusson Blue and Paris Grey to create a steely petrol blue. 

5. JustRestore finished the piece with some subtle gilded details; the centre of the design has been Gold Leafed and the vertical edges of the drawers have been painted with Gold Gilding Wax to suggest a frame.

6. Finally, Clear Chalk Paint® Wax has been applied to finish and protect. 

Thank you to JustRestore for another fabulous piece!

If you try this project at home then please make sure to upload photos of your finished piece to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you use Chalk Paint® colour name hashtags e.g #OldWhite #EmperorsSilk #OxfordNavy and tag @chalkpaint when you share, you may well find your work reposted here on our website or on our Social Media pages! Perhaps you could even catch Annie’s eye and become a future Painter in Residence…


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