Wall Paint & Satin Paint Colour Card

The Annie Sloan Wall Paint & Satin Paint Colour Card shows you all 32 carefully curated colours available as part of Annie’s new Wall Paint and Satin Paint ranges. This palette has been designed to give you the confidence to build a room – and a home – that’s as unique as you are.

These are pigment-rich, three-dimensional colours, all anchored in the history of art. Every shade will bring luxury, character, and elegance into your home – whether it’s a period property or a new build. Order our Colour Card to explore each shade in more depth.

Their water-based formulas contain low VOCs and are certified Toy Safe, but will take whatever life throws their way. Wall Paint is available in a premium matt finish with a slight sheen, while Satin Paint gives a hard-wearing silky mid-sheen lustre and contains self-levelling properties.

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colour Card
The Chalk Paint® Colour Card