Nothing says ‘getting in the Christmas spirit’ quite like hand-painting your own Chalk Paint® Christmas baubles! Keep reading for our step-by-step.

Striped Chalk Paint® Christmas Baubles Lifestyle Image on Christmas Tree Close Up
DIY Chalk Paint® Christmas Baubles in Purple and Yellow Stars and Stripes Attached to Staircase Wreath

This project uses Antoinette, a custom purple Chalk Paint® mix, and features a stripe design, but you could use any colours or patterns you like. Think stars, spots, or scallops. You could even choose a motif (let’s say stripes), and adapt it slightly for each bauble (maybe some are thicker, thinner, straight, or curved). It’s the perfect chance to get creative!

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For this project, you’ll need:

Step 1: Apply Antoinette Chalk Paint®

DIY Chalk Paint® Christmas Baubles What You'll Need
Antoinette Chalk Paint Being Applied using Flat Brush to Xmas Decoration

Start by painting each bauble (as many as you’d like!) in Antoinette Chalk Paint® using your Annie Sloan Small Flat Brush. This may need two coats to achieve an even colour. Leave to dry. Try adding string to the top of your baubles before painting to make them easier to dry hanging.

Step 2: Mix Chalk Paint® in Emperor’s Silk and Aubusson Blue

Emperor's Silk Being Added to Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint in Container to Create Custom Aubergine Purple
Emperor's Silk and Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint Being Mixed in Container to Create Custom Aubergine Purple

Next, in a small container, mix 1 part Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint® and 1 part Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint® to create a deep, aubergine purple.

Step 3: Add Chalk Paint® Detail

DIY Chalk Paint® Christmas Baubles Custom Chalk Paint Purple Mix Being Applied in Stripes
Chalk Paint Custom Purple Mix Being Applied in Stripes to Xmas Decoration

Then, using your Large Round Detail Brush, paint the purple mix in an even line from the top of the bauble to the base. Use your finger to steady your hand on the bauble to create a neat line but don’t try and be too perfect. It’s a painterly, handmade effect you’re trying to achieve! Repeat to cover the bauble in stripes.

Our top tip at this stage is to add a little bit of water to your purple mix before painting. This gives the paint a smooth texture and makes the lines sharper!

Step 4: Apply Chalk Paint® Wax

Chalk Paint® Christmas Baubles DIY In Progress Clear Waxing
Tyrian Plum Wall Paint and Xmas Tree featuring Decorations and Wrapping Paper painted in Chalk Paint

Lastly, leave to dry, and then add Clear Chalk Paint® Wax all over to deepen the colour, seal in your design, and prevent smudging. This ensures your baubles last for many Christmases to come.

Repeat steps 1-4 for each of your baubles. Et voilà, your Chalk Paint® Christmas baubles are complete and ready for displaying!

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