Annie’s take on Colourful Bathrooms

If you’re considering a switch to a more colourful bathroom or are just curious about how and why somebody might want to fill their loo – washroom, toilet, or water closet, to our friends in the US – with colour, then this is the blog for you!

We sat down with our founder, CEO, and colour inspiration, Annie Sloan CBE to pick her brain on the topic of colourful bathrooms.

Songbirds Decoupage by Annie Sloan used on a bathroom wall

Q. There’s been a growing interest in colourful suites. Are you happy to see them making a return?

A. Absolutely thrilled! For far too long, bathrooms have been relegated to a realm of blandness – all whites and greys. Seeing vibrant hues re-emerge is a breath of fresh air. Colour has the power to transform not just a room but also our mood. It’s invigorating to witness people embracing bold choices and allowing their personalities to shine through in every corner of their homes, and the benefits of colour psychology are heightened in a space we retreat to for rest, relaxation, and recharging.

Rustic plaster effect bathroom painted with Chalk Paint® in Scandinavian Pink, Honfleur and Old White with Lacquer

Q. Why do you think people are embracing colourful bathroom suites again?

A. I believe people are craving more personal expression in their living spaces. After years of minimalism and neutral palettes, there’s a collective yearning for something that feels more joyful and unique. Colour brings a sense of playfulness and warmth. It makes a statement – it says, “This is my space, and it reflects who I am.” This is especially true in a sea of all-white identikit ensuites.

Soft, Romantic Style Bathroom featuring Bathtub painted in Chalk Paint in Olive, Olive in Ticking Shower Scalloped Shower Curtain and Canvas Wall Paint

Q. How can someone make them work in a scheme?

A. The key to making colourful bathroom fixtures work is balance and cohesion. Take, for instance, this bathroom with my ombre painted turquoise feature wall. The gradient effect creates a soothing, gently dynamic, watery vibe, perfect for a space associated with cleansing and relaxation. Paired with natural wood accents and a tub painted the same colour as the wall (Chalk Paint in Provence) keeps it from feeling overwhelming. These colours invite introspection, allowing you to float away into your own subconscious during bath time

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not contrast a bold feature like an orange wall with subtler tones? An earthy, rich orange is perfect. My Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Riad Terracotta, being a warm, well-balanced and energetic colour, pairs beautifully with crisp whites, creating a harmonious yet dynamic look. I use premium artists’ pigments in all my paints, and the formula gives a velvety soft finish that suggests luxury and makes bold colours easier to work with by imbuing them with softness and texture.  Riad Terracotta was inspired by the hammams and souks of Marrakesh, Morocco, a noted destination for those seeking sensory delight. Having cultural, historical, and global heritage to a colour makes it, for me, much easier to understand and incorporate that colour into a space with confidence. This colour is great in a bathroom for someone who showers in the morning and wants a bolt of luxury and energy to start their day.

Riad Terracotta Bathroom featuring Freestanding Bathtub in Louis Blue Chalk Paint and Trims in Canvas Satin Paint. Plant, Framed Painting, and Assorted Accessories

For those who prefer something more subdued but still want a pop of colour, consider a bathroom with a muted overall palette complemented by a colour on a flooring. This bathroom with neutral walls and fittings has a painted purple checkerboard floor. The subtle elegance of muted walls allows the playful floor to take centre stage without overpowering the space. You can use Chalk Paint on most floors, wood, tile, linoleum, concrete, stone. All of which can be repainted and updated at a fraction of the cost and time expenditure of getting a new floor fitted – making this an easy space to experiment with colour.


Annie Sloan Bathroom Painted in Paris Grey Wall Paint featuring Checkerboard Floor Using Old Violet Chalk Paint with Antoinette and Old White Fabric by Annie Sloan

Q. What’s your go-to colour for bathroom suites?

A. Choosing just one is impossible! However, if I had to pick, a rich, deep teal is a personal favourite. I am a very busy woman, and bath time is rare and special “me” time treat. It’s enforced switching off time for me away from devices. So, I lean to moody, indulgent, seductive, atmospheric blues and greens that urge me to drift away, switch off, and check in with myself inside a rich cocoon of colour. Teals, blues, and deep jewel-tones look gorgeous in candlelight, too.


So, there you have it! From the colour queen herself. If you do go forth and paint your bathroom beautiful, please do tag us in any photos you share on social media. We love to see your transformations!


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