Gilded French Rustic Mirror

by Annie Sloan

This mirror was originally a door of an old French armoire – you can still see the keyhole – and has been repurposed by Annie with Chalk Paint® and Brass Leaf.

Annie chose to paint the frame of this mirror in the slightly cool-toned Old White to contrast with the warmth of the gilding and to suggest a classical French look, typified at the Palace of Versailles.

First, Annie used a Flat Brush and slightly diluted Chalk Paint® to achieve a smooth finish with Old White. Next, she used a Detail Brush to apply Primer Red to the moulded parts of the mirror as a base for the gilding. Once dry she applied Gold Size over the Primer Red. Gold Size looks milky on application and as it begins to dry it becomes more translucent and stickier, so Annie recommends waiting a few minutes until it is completely clear before you lay the Brass Leaf over the Gold Size. Use a Detail Brush to push the leaf into the details of the carving and to sweep away excess.

Once you’re happy with how the Brass Leaf looks, use a clean and dry lint-free cloth to apply Clear Wax over the Brass Leaf and paintwork to protect. Unwaxed Brass Leaf will tarnish as it oxidises.

Step by step taken from Annie’s book Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and more, published by Cico books. Photography by Christopher Drake.


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