Annie sourced this unusual piece of furniture whilst travelling in India. She wanted to paint it with her newest Chalk Paint® colour, Capri Pink, in a style that honoured its traditional roots.

Commode peinte par Annie Sloan en Capri Pink Chalk Paint®

Much of Annie’s work and colour choice is heavily influenced by colour theory; particularly the art of using colour opposites to maximise the inverse qualities of each hue. Here, crisp, dynamic and bold Capri Pink Chalk Paint® is contrasted against its opposite; complex, earthy, calming Olive. The resulting colour clash is exhilarating and brings out a moodier side of Capri Pink.

Chalk Paint® in Honfleur, a rich chocolate brown, further anchors the palette. It draws out the reflective properties of dusky purple Rodmell. Annie’s used colour mixes to create more grounded, heavier toned shades. Then, Barcelona Orange, Arles, and Emperor’s Silk (which are all close in tone to Capri Pink) give flashes of vivacity. Emperor’s Silk is the only primary colour Annie has used on the cabinet. The secondary colour-heavy palette works well on this Indian piece because it’s partly inspired by the psychedelic and paisley fabrics coming from India in the 1960s and 1970s. Think of those 1960s-1970’s wallpaper patterns – largely featuring richly muted tones such as browns, mustards, and avocados, juxtaposed with bright pinks or bright oranges.

Gros plan d'un meuble peint en Capri Pink et Honfleur Chalk Paint®
Gros plan de la commode psychédélique peinte par Annie Sloan ci-dessous les couleurs

Once painted, Annie left a few days before applying Chalk Paint® Wax to be sure she was happy with the colours she’d used. On a piece like this where well-balanced application of colour is key, it can be helpful to come back to your work the day after painting to assess how well the shades are working with one another. You may on reflection decide you’d prefer your brights placed further apart, or that you’d like less muted tones in one area. With any very involved painting project, it can be hugely helpful to give yourself distance from the piece. So, step backwards and look at it from further away as you paint. View the work in different lights. Allow yourself the time to get complex projects finished perfectly.

Once Annie was completely happy with her colour placement and had finished making adjustments, she applied Clear Chalk Paint® Wax using a lint-free cloth to protect her work. Groovy!


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