How to: Use Dark Wax for an Aged Effect on Painted Furniture

Simple steps to ageing paintwork and bringing out brushstrokes using Dark Chalk Paint® Wax

If you want to create an aged effect on your painted furniture, look no further than Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. Using it together with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax will give you a subtle, antique look. It’s a great trick to have up your sleeve if you’re working with cheap, mass-produced furniture. Dark Wax will add years to your furniture in an instant.

The secret to this technique is in applying your paint thickly. Work with a big brush, painting loosely in every direction. You want to create texture and make nice, visible brushstrokes for your Dark Wax to sink into. Once you’ve followed these simple steps, you’ll discover how straightforward this ageing technique can be. And if you make a mistake? Don’t sweat it, use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax like a magic eraser to take away any parts that feel too dark.

Step by step guide for using dark wax for an aged effect

  1. Apply Chalk Paint® with a large Chalk Paint® Brush, moving the brush in different directions to create texture. This technique is best achieved when Chalk Paint® is a little thick, so you may want to leave your paint tin open for a short time to help it thicken a little.
  2. Once the paint has dried, tackle the waxing a section at a time. First, apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax with either a Wax Brush or a lint-free cloth, allowing it to absorb into the paint.
  3. Now apply Dark Chalk Paint® Wax, rubbing every which way and pushing the Dark Wax into the brush marks and texture of the painted surface.
  4. Leave to absorb for a minute or so, then wipe off the excess with a clean lint-free cloth.
  5. If any sections are feeling too dark, gently wipe back with a little Clear Chalk Paint® Wax until you achieve the look you are after.
  6. Before you finish, you want to make sure every part of your piece has been waxed at least once. This will seal and protect your paintwork.
  7. Leave the wax to harden. It will be touch dry within 24 hours, but will take 5-21 days to become completely hard or ‘cured’.

Now you know how to use Dark Wax to create an aged effect on paint, which project will you start with? Will you create an antique look on a small bedside table or go the whole hog and create an aged effect on a wooden bed frame? Whichever look you go for, remember to support local by shopping with your nearest Annie Sloan Stockist. They are trained to offer you workshops and practical advice on this and other Annie Sloan techniques, giving you the confidence to upcycle and transform your furniture like a pro.

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