How to: Make and Hang DIY Lace Curtains

Learn how to make and hang cotton lace curtains dyed with Chalk Paint®.

The joy of making your own curtains is that you can make them up exactly the way you like to fit your style and space. Not only will the height and width be perfect, but the colour and pattern too. If you want to go beyond shop-bought fabric and create something uniquely your own, then you can use Chalk Paint® to give your fabric a completely new look. Why not try printing your own pattern with Chalk Paint® on plain fabric or dip-dyeing vintage linen?

Here we’ve dyed cotton lace with Chalk Paint® to create a twist on traditional lace curtains. This curtain was made with a single panel of cotton lace dyed with Chalk Paint®. We’ve used Graphite, but of course you can use any colour of your choice. The whole of the panel was used – it didn’t need lining, hemming or edging. The top of the curtain needed a firm and strong border (or header), both to look good and to attach the curtain clips.

Step by step guide to making and hanging dyed lace curtains

  1. To make the curtain header, fold over the top edge of the fabric by 1cm.
  2. Hide this edge by making another fold – this time by 2cm.
  3. Pin and then stitch this border to create a header. You could do this by hand or machine.
  4. Attach curtain clips, which are good for a light-weight curtain like this. Clip roughly every 10cm.

Now you’ve followed the steps, you can see how quickly and easily you can make your own lace curtains in any colour of your choice. You don’t need to be an expert sewer and the only kit you really need is curtain clips. To learn more about these curtains and for more inspiration for your next paint project, see Annie Sloan Paints Everything published by CICO Books 2016. Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books.

Chalk Paint® furniture paint in Graphite dyed lace dyed curtains by Annie Sloan

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