Lethal Fruit Chalk Paint® Chest of Drawers

by 84 Square

This seductively painted “bombe” chest of drawers is an opulently colourful, temptingly layered, indulgently gilded luminary of a piece by our Painter in Residence and glamorous doyenne of gothic Chalk Paint® transformations, 84 Square.

84 Square Lethal Fruit Bombe with Candle and Foliage Staging
84 Square Lethal Fruit Chest of Drawers with Candle and Foliage Staging Side Angle

A stunning use of decoupage on a fabulous piece of furniture here, by 84 Square. She used a decoupage paper named “Lethal Fruits,” from fiancé Tom’s company, The Gallery Wall. Voluptuous, ripe fruits cascade plentifully across the front and sides of the piece, framed by a burnished copper surround. The design complements the inherent curvy qualities of the piece.

What is a “bombe” chest?

The name “bombe” comes from the French for bust, reflecting the curvy stylings of these pieces of furniture. Bombes bulge outwards at the front and sides then inwards towards the base. Although the style originated in 17th Century France, there are also plenty of modern interpretations. Traditional bombes tend to have ball feet, whereas reproductions, such as this lovely number, have more slender legs. The decoupage paper 84 Square has chosen reflects and emphasises the voluptuous curves of the piece.

Step 1: Chalk Paint®

To create this look, 84 Square began with a coat of Chalk Paint® in Athenian Black under where she intended to lay her decoupage, and a coat of Barcelona Orange under the area she intended to gild.

84 Square Using Annie Sloan Copper Leaf Transfer In Progress
84 Square Lethal Fruit Bombe Side Angle Close Up

Step 2: Gilding

Once dry, she applied Gold Size to the handles (which she had removed before starting) and over the top of the Barcelona Orange, and used this to affix her Copper Loose Leaf (you can read full instructions on how to use our Gold Size and Gilding Papers here).

Step 3: Decoupage

As that was drying, 84 Square applied Image Medium to the front and sides of the bombe. Image Medium is something of a wonder product! You can use it to stick decoupage, thin fabric, or other decorative papers (e.g wallpaper, magazine cut outs, and even napkins) to furniture and walls. She carefully pressed her “Lethal Fruits” decoupage paper onto the Image Medium, working from the middle of the piece outwards, and using her hands to press any creases, folds, or air bubbles out as she went. This is a pro tip! The middle of your furniture will draw the eye first, so make sure this is where the decoupage looks best. 84 Square neatened edges by cutting away excess paper using a craft knife.

The top of the bombe and the inside of the drawers were given a freshen up using Chalk Paint® in Athenian Black. This glossy, pitch black shade gives the piece some extra va-va-voom. The extra attention to detail in painting the inside of the drawers is an upcycling secret which will make you love your own upcycled furniture just that little bit more!

Step 4: Lacquer

To finish, Gloss Chalk Paint® Lacquer coats the whole chest of drawers in a high-sheen protective layer. 84 Square applied this to her gilded handles too, allowed everything to become touch-dry, and then screwed the handles back onto the bombe. And voila!

The perfect recipe for your own forbidden furniture! Be sure to tag @anniesloanhome in anything you share that’s been inspired by this project. We love seeing your work – and so do our Painters in Residence!


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