How to Create a Traditional Swedish Stencilled Wall with Metallic Paint

Introducing a touch of elegance and glamour to your DIY projects has never been easier, thanks to Annie Sloan’s NEW Metallic Paints! Available in three exquisite shades – Modern Gold, Traditional Gold, and Rose Gold – these metallic paints are here to elevate your creative endeavors to a whole new level. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting on your DIY journey, these luxurious metallic paints are the perfect choice to add a shimmering, opulent finish to your furniture, decor, and more.

Here, we’ve shown you how to use Metallic Paint in Traditional Gold to channel the ornate elegance of Drottningholm Palace in Sweden, where you can see the most beautifully preserved examples of this traditional interiors technique.

Metallic paint stencil panel

Step 1

Paint the outside of the panels in Wall Paint in Old Ochre, including the wooden moldings of the panels. Paint the inside of the panels in Wall Paint in Aubusson Blue.

Step 2

Once the Wall Paint has dried, line up the Chinoiserie Birds stencil and secure in place with masking tape. Make sure to keep the guide holes clear of tape as this will be how you line up your stencil going forward.

Step 3

Decant Chalk Paint in Old White onto a MixMat and load a small but even amount of paint on to the Sponge Roller, removing any excess onto the MixMat before applying to the stencil. Less is more here, and we recommend having a practice before applying to wall!

paint used on mix mat

Step 4

Moving in all different directions, paint the stencil design over the Aubusson Blue. Remove the stencil and place it directly beneath where you’ve just painted, using the guide holes in the corners to accurately line up your design. Starting at the highest point and working down helps avoid smudging as you do. Repeat until the whole panel is filled and wash your stencil when finished. For the second column, we offset the stencil by about half to help the design flow.  Continue painting in vertical columns until your surface is covered.

Step 5

Once the stencil and wall are completely dry, secure the clean stencil with masking tape again over the existing white design. Try to line this up as accurately as possible; the guide holes here will also help.

Painting the stencil design over the Old White

Step 6

Decant some Metallic Paint in Traditional Gold onto your MixMat and charge the roller with a small but evenly distributed amount, removing any excess as before. As the consistency of the Metallic Paint is different to that of Chalk Paint, we would recommend again here to have a small practice before applying paint to wall.

Step 7

Paint the stencil design over the Old White, moving in all directions. Once finished, use a small amount of Wall Paint in Aubusson Blue to tidy up any mistakes, and paint out the guide holes.


mixing paint on a mix mat
Paint the stencil design over the Old White using metallic traditional gold

Step 8

To add dimension, use a Detail Brush to apply Metallic Paint touches to the stencil, such as the breast of the bird or the flowers on the vine. This step is optional but can add depth and drama.

Painting the stencil design with metallic gold

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Annie Sloan Traditional Gold Metallic Paint used with a template

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