Véranda inspirée du style Havane en Florence, Provence et Amsterdam Green Chalk Paint

Havana inspired conservatory in Florence, Provence and Amsterdam Green Chalk Paint®

This indoors-outdoors space is inspired by Annie Sloan’s travels in Havana, Cuba. When we think of Havana style, we think breezy high-ceilinged rooms filled with colour. The stripe halfway up this wall exaggerates the width of this space and draws the eye to create the illusion of wider walls and a larger room. It’s a brilliant design hack in a small apartment or garden adjacent room such as this Havana inspired conservatory. The calming colour palette of greens is classy but cool – if there’s one thing Cubans know, it’s colour. 

If you want to channel this splendidly verdant look, be sure to choose blue toned greens rather than yellow-toned greens to create a cool, calm feeling of oasis. Leaving natural textures on display, as with these rattan furnishings, and dressing with plants anchors the space and reinforces the feeling of an “organic” atmosphere.  

Everything else in the room (flooring, furniture and shelving) being painted in symphonic shades of blue greens (namely Florence, Provence, and Amsterdam Green) serves two purposes. Firstly, the blue-toned elements of these colours are recessive and make the space feel larger, grander, and therefore calmer and more tranquil. Secondly, the green makes a statement (as a single-coloured tonal space always will) with specific reference to lush foliage and the quiet of a dense rainforest. You can heighten these references by including bushy house plants in your home: think statement leaves and go for big plants over small. Fitting the biggest, tallest plant possible in the room will emphasise the dimensions of the space and add to that feeling of grandeur which we think of when we think of Havana. More foliage means more botanical bang for your buck.   

When you’re working with just one colour be sure to include shades with different personalities and characteristics. Here, the depth of Chalk Paint® in Amsterdam Green provides gravitas and structure; Florence brings some excitement, and Provence emphasises the blue-leaning nature of these shades. This calming oasis will be a perfect place to spend time whatever time of day; with orange juice and a newspaper to start your day or with a rum punch and some jazz records a la Ernest Hemingway in the evening.  


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