Swedish Look Linen Press

by Annie Sloan

Annie used Chalk Paint® in Country Grey and Old Ochre to create this rustic Swedish look. The lines are painted freehand in Aubusson Blue.

It’s so easy to completely transform your old furniture into something perfectly customised for your home. For this Swedish inspired linen press, Annie used Chalk Paint® thickly and applied heat to create a rustic crackled effect.

She started by painting the cabinet, excluding the panels of the doors, with Chalk Paint® in Country Grey. Using a Chalk Paint® Brush in every direction, she applied the paint freely.

She then painted the door panels thickly using Chalk Paint® in Original, using her brush to place layers of thick paint on top of each other. She applied heat with a hairdryer immediately over the paint to create a rustic cracked effect. When applying heat to paint, work in small areas as you don’t want the paint to dry naturally.

Once dry Annie painted freehand lines around the panels with Chalk Paint® in Aubusson Blue.

Next she applied Clear Chalk Paint® Wax all over the piece. Whilst still wet she applied Dark Wax into the cracked Original panels, bringing out the texture and sitting in the recesses.

The interiors shelves have been painted with Greek Blue for a rustic pop of colour.

For step-by-step instructions, you can watch Annie’s tutorial on YouTube.


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Farbmuster der Country Grey Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan, ein rustikales, cremefarbenes Sandbeige

Country Grey

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Farbmuster der Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan,ein intensives, dunkles, klassisches Blaugrün

Aubusson Blue

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Farbmuster der Greek Blue Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan, ein frisches, mediterranes Blau

Greek Blue

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Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax

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Dark Chalk Paint™ Wax

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Pinsel

Chalk Paint™ Pinsel

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Chalk Paint™ Wachspinsel

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