Linen Union Christmas Stockings

by Annie Sloan

These adorable linen stockings are easy to do, they make great little gifts on their own, but of course, they work best filled with lots of lovely treats!

Made with Annie Sloan’s Coloured Linens, these sweet stockings bring an injection of colour to your Christmas mantle. Each stocking combines two fabrics from the Coloured Linen collection. You can choose any colour combination you like, just top it off with a nice bright pompom!

You will need:
• Fabric Scissors
• Colourful Embroidery Thread
Linen Union fabric in colours of your choice.

Firstly, make a pattern by drawing out your desired stocking shape, allowing for seam allowance and a hem for the top.

Cut out the Linen Union fabric using your pattern piece with the fabric scissors. Sew up your stocking and hem the top.

For the fringed detail you will be folding a strip of linen the width of your stocking. Choose a complementary coloured Linen Union, and hand stitch it with a contrasting embroidery thread, with a festive stitch of your choice (here we’ve used a cross stitch). Once completed start to fringe the fabric by pulling one thread at a time.

Create the hanging loop from the same Linen Union colour as the fringing and sew to the top corner. Finished! Ready to hang on your stocking shelf.


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