Blattgold Statement Splashback

von Annie Sloan

This statement splashback looks a million dollars but was actually a quick and easy transformation using Annie Sloan Imitation Gold Leaf.

The Imitation Gold in this kitchen could easily be substituted for Copper or Imitation Silver Leaf instead. One of Annie’s signature design touchstones is the use of complementary colours to create maximum impact. Here, the cool dark qualities of Aubusson Blue contrast with the warm, light-reflecting gold to give a very deliberate, bold look to this kitchen. Silver would contrast best with Athenian Black or juxtapose russet copper with a cool-toned green.

Here, Annie has used Transfer Leaf (as opposed to Loose Leaf), which is very lightly adhered to tissue paper allowing for ease of application on larger areas; perfect for this splashback. First apply Gold Size to the area you wish to gild. The Gold Size will first appear white, then purplish-blue and finally clear.

Once it’s clear (in around 10-15 minutes) you can apply the metal leaf. Do so by placing the tissue onto the size, metal face down. Once the leaf has touched the Gold Size you won’t be able to adjust placement, so take your time and be gentle. Take a clean, dry brush and lightly apply pressure to the tissue. The tissue will come away and the leaf will stick to the Gold Size. Continue in this manner, brushing away any excess leaf as you go. Once you’ve covered the entire area, you’ll need to apply a finishing sealant which can be wiped clean to protect your newly gilded area. Here Gloss Chalk Paint® Lacquer ensures the finish is hard wearing and high gloss!

For more detailed instructions on applying Transfer Metal Leaf, pick up a copy of The Colourist Issue 2 or watch Annie’s video here.


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