von Annie Sloan

This wicker garden chair was looking a little raggedy, as wicker so often can. Fading wood stain is the main culprit – but a timely lick of Kreidefarbe can combat this. Smart stripes in crisp nautical Greek Blue and Old White Kreidefarbe freshened it up beautifully.

This sweet wicker little garden chair was looking a little worse for wear after a few seasons knocking around outdoors, but structurally was sound. All it needed to be an asset once more was a little bit of TLC. Step, right up, Kreidefarbe!

When painting outdoor furniture such as this garden chair, use a stiff bristled brush to clean off any cobwebs, dirt or dust that may have settled on the surface. If you don’t, Kreidefarbe will stick to that fine layer of ephemera rather than to the surface of the furniture itself. That means a less long-lasting finish and a much higher likelihood of flaking. The second thing to be certain of to ensure Kreidefarbe works as well as possible on your outdoor furniture is that your furniture is totally dry before you begin painting. This also applies when painting walls, sheds, fencing, or any other surface outdoors! Wait for a sunny spell or be prepared to use tarpaulin.

Annie chose smart, crisp stripes as the perfect antidote to any scruffiness, in strongly contrasting Greek Blue and Old White. Blue and white used together is a chic and classic nautical combination invoking both the smartness and the romance of yacht life. Greek Blue in particular gives a summery feel, with its nod to the famous cupolas of white-washed Santorini. An especially enjoyable reference this year when travel is out of the question for so many of us! Make crisp lines crisper with the help of masking tape. Annie painted a base of Greek Blue all over this garden chair, before taping off sections and adding Old White stripes on the seat. It gives a finish any first mate would be proud of!

Leave to dry in the sun or indoors for at least a few hours before applying  Kreidefarbe Lacquer. Two coats of Matt Kreidefarbe Lacquer – with plenty of drying time between coats – will protect your outdoor furniture from UV rays, water damage and general wear and tear. Store outdoor furniture in garages, sheds, or under cover during winter months to protect the finish for longer.


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