Ikea Gartenstühle in Olive & Athenian Black Chalk Paint™ Zaun

This rustically styled city garden has been transformed with a lick of Kreidefarbe in an earthy, camouflage-print inspired urban palette; including Ikea garden chairs in Olive Kreidefarbe. Protection from the elements – rain or shine – is guaranteed with Annie’s KreidefarbeLacquer.

Olive Chalk Paint® Ikea Garden Chairs with Olive Ticking Fabric Cushions and Athenian Black Chalk Paint® Fence
A variety of potted plants displayed on shelving painted in a mix of Primer Red and Olive Chalk Paint® in front of the Athenian Black Chalk Paint® textured fence

To channel this urban industrial look, perfectly suited to smaller and paved outdoors spaces, make Kreidefarbe outdoors space. Here, we painted a pair of Ikea garden chairs made from polypropylene plastic to offset the manmade feel they gave. Kreidefarbe works well on most Ikea furniture, just be sure to apply a few thin coats rather than one thick coat on shinier plastic surfaces. To protect the Kreidefarbe (and protect bottoms from getting a Kreidefarbe  makeover of their own!) these garden chairs have been finished with two coats of Matt Kreidefarbe Lacquer.

The fence, which has been dry-brushed using Kreidefarbe in Athenian Black, grounds the scheme and provides a gallery style backdrop for statement potted plants. Given that we were going for a rustic look here, there was no need to apply Kreidefarbe Lacquer to protect. We recommend using Kreidefarbe Lacquer to protect on outdoor furniture (e.g. tables, chairs and benches), but vertical surfaces such as walls which aren’t vulnerable to standing water, will be fine without. Particularly if the wall is made of a porous material such as brick, stone or wood.

Shelving painted in a muted mix of Kreidefarbe in Primer Red and Olive to give a really rich, muted and complex brown. Just like those found in nature! The cushions on the garden chairs match perfectly in their covers made from Annie Sloan’s woven herringbone striped fabric, Ticking, in Olive. Annie’s tickings are made here in the UK and are 100% cotton, they come in a range of colours from the Kreidefarbe palette.


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