Saturday 4 September, 2021

knot too shabby Mini Market

: knot too shabby
  • Location: 177 N Glendora Avenue



    United States

  • Start: 11:00 am
  • End: 4:00 pm
  • Event:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 6269141600
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  • 5% of sales will cover administrative costs.
  • All transactions will be handled by knot too shabby staff at their register. For legal reasons, no sales can be processed on the sidewalk by vendors.
  • Vendors should direct customers to take the price tag of the item they wish to purchase inside knot too shabby to checkout (If you do not have individual price tags for your items, you must provide a written, comprehensive price list to the kts staff before your pop-up shop opens). The knot too shabby sales associate will process the transaction (cash & cards accepted) and fill out duplicate carbon-copy receipts. Knot too shabby will keep 1 copy & the customer will give the 2nd copy to the vendor to claim their item. Please keep all of your receipts until you have been paid your commission in full by knot too shabby.
  • Vendors can expect to receive payment before the end of the day via PayPal.
  • Pop-up shops may cover up to 30″ x 144″ on the sidewalk along the brick border (2 average-sized folding tables) or along the wall in front of each window of the knot too shabby storefront. Pop-up shops may not block the knot too shabby entrance, sidewalk traffic, or parking spaces.
  • Come prepared with your own tables, price tags, tablecloths, display stands, shopping bags, business cards, signs, etc, as you would at the main knot too shabby BAZAAR.
  • Pop-up shops must close at the end of their scheduled slot. Vendors who continue after store closing and handle their own sales will risk citation from the City of Glendora and put the rest of the pop-up program in jeopardy.
  • Free public parking is available throughout the Glendora Village. Parking along Glendora Ave is limited to 20-min & 3-hour spaces; we ask that you please use those spaces for loading & unloading only so that they are available for customers. Vermont Ave 1 block west offers the closest parking without a time limit.
  • Dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry & reserve yours now!