Classical Head Image Transfer

by Annie Sloan

This bold black and white image was transferred onto the back of a door at Annie Sloan HQ in Oxford using Image Medium and Chalk Paint®.

Image Medium Transfer Decoupage Classical Head Figure on a door painted with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan HQ in Oxford is full of examples of painting, waxing, gilding and other decorative techniques which can be applied in the home. This particular project showcases the art of image transfer.

This bold and graphic image has been transferred onto the back of one of our doors – the same technique could be applied on a smaller scale on furniture. It really is quite simple once you know how! All you need is a printer or photocopier and some Image Medium.

For a complete step by step guide to image transfer, visit Annie’s tutorial here.

The door has been painted with Old White, Provence, Greek Blue and Paris Grey and finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.



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