Grafitowa wiejska szafa

autorstwa Annie Sloan

Annie painted this cupboard with a rustic effect to use as a larder in her French farmhouse.

This modern piece has been made to look old and rustic by Annie Sloan and lives in her Normandy Farmhouse.

To emulate this farmhouse rustic look, begin with a base Chalk Paint® in Duck Egg Blue, allow to dry fully, and then wax with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. Once the wax is touch-dry, apply a top coat of Chalk Paint® in Graphite. Sand this back lightly so that the Duck Egg Blue underneath comes through. Then, use the Annie Sloan Detail Brushes and touches of Old White and Duck Egg Blue to add details and outline the panels of the doors. The circular design details are easy to create and wobbliness is to be embraced! Finally, apply a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to your painted piece to finish and protect.

Too see a full home tour of Annie’s Normandy Farmhouse, pick up a copy of The Colourist Issue 2.

Photo by Bénédicte Ausset Drummond


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