Décollage Chest of Drawers

by Agnieszka Krawczyk

Painter in Residence Agnieszka Krawczyk painted these drawers using a technique that involves creating texture and layers through the use of woodworking tools, such as chisels and scrapers.

Agnieszka applied layers of paint thickly and then scraped, chipped and sanded away to create interesting texture and layers on these drawers.

This technique is reminiscent of décollage, a technique that artists such as Robert Rauschenburg and Yves Klein used in the 60s – layering posters and ripping in to them to show previous layers. But at the same time there’s an antique, vintage look – the piece looks naturally aged and distressed.

Agnieszka used a palette of Pure, Old White, Provence, Napoleonic Blue, Antoinette, Louis Blue and Antibes Green on the outside of the chest, to create layers of colour and texture. Some of these colours were used as they come out of the tin, others were mixed to create softer and lighter shades. As soon as the paint was dry she used a scraper, sandpaper and putty knife to begin chipping in to the paint.

The inside of the drawers have been painted in Duck Egg Blue, and the edges have been painted with Napoleonic Blue to frame the shape. Agnieszka used Clear Wax to seal and protect.


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