Vintage Circus Sideboard

by Jonathon Marc Mendes

Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes used a wide palette of Annie Sloan colours to transform this plain wood sideboard to a bold, graphic piece that makes a playful nod to the images and typography of an old-world circus era.

Jonathan expertly hand painted all the imagery and fonts you see here. Taking inspiration from the bygone circus, vintage signs, and fairground imagery he has created a sense of history on this mid-century wooden sideboard.

Using Aubusson Blue for the main body, Jonathon used a variety of Chalk Paint® colours to create a rich and moody colour palette, including Scandinavian Pink, Florence, Burgundy, Emperor’s Silk, Barcelona Orange and Old White.


He highlighted details using Brass Leaf, knocked back with lashings of Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. In other areas, the paint has been cracked – either by applying it thickly and drying it with a hairdryer for larger cracks or by applying Craqueleur for finer cracks.


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Farbmuster der Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan,ein intensives, dunkles, klassisches Blaugrün

Aubusson Blue

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Farbmuster der Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan, ein erdiges, an Schweden erinnerndes Rosa

Scandinavian Pink

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Farbmuster der Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan, ein warmes, lebhaftes Orange

Barcelona Orange

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Farbmuster der Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint™ Möbelfarbe von Annie Sloan, ein leuchtendes, reines Rot

Emperor’s Silk

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Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax

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Blattmetallhefte lose - Blattmessing, Blattkupfer, Blattaluminium

Blattmetallhefte Lose

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Annie Sloan Craqueleur


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