Jak złocić meble

So I’ve got this old piece of furniture and I’ve painted it many times over the years so it’s got a lot of texture on it. It’s an old looking piece… probably not that old, but it’s an old looking piece and so I want to give these bits here a nice gilded look and I’m going to use… it’s called ‘Warm Gold’, but it’s really like the colour of Victorian gold. It’s warm, very slightly coppery and red. I’m going to use that mainly and then I’m going to use just a little bit of the light, brighter gold.

So to do it, I’m just going to put a little bit on my finger… a tiny bit and then I’m going to start wiping just to show up the relief. And because there’s quite a bit of texture in the paint, it’s not applying it flatly, which is perfect.

It’s all looking good but what I’m going to add is a second colour, which I’ll sort of use to highlight and slightly blend in. So I’m going to put it throughout the centre part, I think. Not everywhere, just in parts and not equally. Don’t get it too balanced. Otherwise, it’s too predictable. If it’s too flat, you don’t get that lovely authentic uneven look.

Some of you won’t want to use your finger. I like it because it’s sensitive, but you could put a cloth over it, or you could use a brush. It’s just that you have to be a little bit more sensitive to it, but it’s fine. It’s your choice.

So that’s it, all finished! And I’m going to leave it now until tomorrow, and then maybe just buff up a little bit to get that lovely shine. I’m really pleased with it!

Annie Sloan pokazuje, jak złocić meble przy pomocy różnych past pozłotniczych Gilding Wax, aby uzyskać autentyczne wykończenie.

  1. Pomaluj mebel farbą, poruszając pędzlem we wszystkich kierunkach, aby uzyskać fakturowane wykończenie.
  2. Gdy farba wyschnie, zabezpiecz ją warstwą bezbarwnego wosku Chalk Paint™ Clear Wax.
  3. Nałóż pastę pozłotniczą Gilding Wax w dwóch kolorach (np. Bright Gold i Warm Gold), tworząc warstwy, aby osiągnąć autentyczny, nierówny wygląd.

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