Painted Wooden Birds

by Annie Sloan

These decorative wooden birds were painted in Chalk Paint®. First a coat of Giverny, then speckled and frottaged with Graphite and Old White.

These sweet little wooden birds came from South Africa. They were plain wood, but Annie chose to paint them starting with Chalk Paint® in Giverny as the main colour. She then used artist brushes to flick and speckle Graphite and Old White over the blue, highlighting the wings and the beak. The effect is loose and free, creating a rich patina. The finished birds are sealed with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.


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2,5 litrowa puszka farby do malowania ścian firmy Annie Sloan w kolorze Aubusson Blue, intensywny, ciemny klasyczny kolor zielono-niebieski

Farba do ścian Aubusson Blue

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