Mermaid Cabinet

by Polly Coulson

Furniture painter Polly Coulson used Chalk Paint® blues and Pearlescent Glaze to create this dreamy metallic furniture finish.

To create this metallic mermaid patina, first Polly Coulson of Attic Furniture primed her furniture with a base of Chalk Paint® in Antoinette. She left this to dry then painted patches of Old Violet, Louis Blue and Provence over the top and blended before they dried with a wet Chalk Paint® Brush.

Once she was happy with her blending and the paint was dry, Polly applied Pearlescent Glaze over the top using brush strokes in every direction to give texture and movement. The nuances of colour give a dreamy, impressionistic finish and emphasise the iridescence of Pearlescent Glaze.

Pearlescent Glaze has a lacquer-like finish and when applying all over a piece of furniture there is no need to apply Lacquer or Wax to seal.


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