Art Deco Room

by Janice Issitt

Painter in Residence Janice Issitt created this bold Art Deco look using a Chalk Paint® palette of Graphite and Florence, picking out details in Brass Leaf.

Janice started by painting the wall with Chalk Paint® in Graphite. She then applied an art-deco-inspired stencil – painting it in Florence and picking out parts to highlight with Loose Brass Leaf (she adhered the leaf with Gold Size). She then used Dark Chalk Paint® Wax to darken the whole wall.

She painted the chair in Graphite, highlighting the carvings on the legs with more Gold Size and Brass Leaf. For the cabinet, Janice chose the same palette of Florence, Graphite, and gold, finishing again with Dark Chalk Paint® Wax for an aged vintage feel. She even painted the candles in Florence! Everything painted with Chalk Paint® was finished with Clear Wax to protect.


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