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Working with Dark Wax

Working with Dark Wax

Annie demonstrates how to bring depth of colour and texture to your paint work using her dark Chalk Paint® Wax.

  1. This is best achieved when Chalk Paint® is a little thick so don't add water to the paint. You may need to leave the paint pot open for a short time to make it thicken a little.

  2. Apply Chalk Paint®, moving the brush in different directions to create texture.

  3. Now it is painted and dry, tackle the waxing a section at a time. First apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax allowing it to absorb into the paint so the surface seems 'dry' to the touch.

  4. Now apply Dark Chalk Paint® Wax rubbing every which way so the Dark Wax seeks out all the crevices and texture of the painted surface.

  5. Leave to absorb for a minute or so then wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

  6. The Dark Wax should now be apparent filling the grooves and ruts in the paint work. To clean the paint, gently wipe with Clear Wax.

    Want to know more? Each Annie Sloan Stockist can offer you workshops and practical advice on these and other techniques from the Annie Sloan Method.

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