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Two-Colour Distressing

Achieving Annie Sloan’s signature look couldn’t be simpler. Annie shows you how all you need is two Chalk Paint® colours and a little Chalk Paint® Wax.

  1. Apply your first coat of Chalk Paint® quite thickly, moving your brush in all directions and pushing the paint into any carvings.

  2. When the paint is dry, apply a second, thinner coat in a coordinating colour. If the paint feels too thick, you can always thin it with a little water.

  3. Once the paint has dried, apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax with a lint-free cloth or an Annie Sloan Wax Brush. Work the wax into the paint like hand cream.

  4. Remove any excess wax with a clean, lint-free cloth while the wax is still soft.

  5. Gently sand back with a fine sand paper to reveal the first colour below. Focus on areas where the surface would naturally distress, such as corners, carvings or handles. 

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