Biurko w kolorze Capri Pink w stylu Hollywood Regency

autorstwa Felixa Sloan'a

Hollywood Regency is a little bit kitsch, a little bit art nouveau, and totally glamorous.

Channel Hollywood starlets who brought home stuffed zebras from film sets and placed them ostentatiously in their luxuriously textured, extravagantly gilded homes.

Biurko i krzesło w kolorze Capri Pink w stylu Hollywood Regency, autorstwa Felixa Sloan'a

Capri Pink is the perfect colour for this 1930s-1940s style. Championed as it was by designer Elsa Schiaparelli shocking pink is representative of the post-war thirst for celebration and excitement, of female empowerment, and of modernity.

This Hollywood Regency desk ticks all the boxes, incorporating as it does surrealist lobster motifs as used by Schiaparelli’s collaborator Salvador Dali, glamorous gold gilding, and a high-end lacquered-to-perfection gloss finish.

Meble pomalowane w stylu Hollywood Regency w kolorze Capri Pink autorstwa Felixa Sloan'a
Zbliżenie na detal homara na biurku w stylu Hollywood Regency pomalowanym w kolorze Capri Pink

Felix Sloan painted what was a rather battered, dark wood desk in a base coat of Chalk Paint® in Capri Pink using a Flat Brush to minimise brush marks. He then applied Gold Transfer Leaf to the area where he was going to place his lobsters; the clever part is that these lobsters aren’t actually hand painted and anybody can recreate them at home. Felix found an outline image of a lobster online which he printed and then applied to the desk using my Image Medium over the gold leaf. This gave him two perfectly rendered golden lobsters with minimum effort! He then used a small brush to paint Capri Pink over the Gold Leaf and up to the black outlines of his crustaceans. Finally, a coat of Chalk Paint® Gloss Lacquer seals and protects his work from any champagne spillages!


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Capri Pink

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